About Brett

Hey folks! Brett here. I’m a researcher, problem solver, and writer, but my greatest joys are my adventures, both with Erin and with our friends.

My journeys began where they’ve led me back to—Los Angeles, California. I’ve lived all over this magical state, and had the pleasure to study both here and abroad. Growing up, we took more than a few road trips—to San Diego, ranging across the great National Parks of the West, and once in a while, if we were lucky, to Hawaii.

But my first true adventure was with, of all crews, the Boy Scouts. 12-year-old me—and 35 teenage companions—headed to the National Jamboree in Fort AP Hill, Virginia… by way of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Washington DC. It was a ten-day whirlwind tour that ended at the National Jamboree. I wrote my first article on that trip, talking to my troop about our adventures for the paper back home. Haven’t put the pen down since.I’m happy to share a second perspective here, both from my own journeys and the ones Erin and I have started on—from as close as our beloved Disneyland, to as far as Belize and Greece. Come see the world as we do!

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