Can We Come Out Now?

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I think (I hope) it’s safe to say yes, it’s safe to come out and explore the world again! This post is long overdue as we actually began emerging from our pandemic cocoon in August of 2021. But it took me another full year to really be ready to embrace our adventures and come back to writing and talking about them. To catch up you we settled into quarentine life in March of 2020 and stayed there in our two bedroom Los Angeles apartment until August of 2021. The fall of 2021 took us to Kansas City, San Diego and Philadelphia. Then we came back home and settled back in for what seemed like Pandemic 2.0- Omicron Style. Vaccinated and boosted by the end of 2021, we decided it was really time to get back out there. We spent the first part of 2022 in Orlando, primarily at Walt Disney World, and headed to Fort Lauderdale for a wedding. Returning to LA we settled back into work and tried to really remember what “normal” life was supposed to look like. June came and we headed to concerts and beer festivals. The MLB All-Star game and weekend came to LA in July and we crossed a major bucket list item of our list by attending the game, the Home Run Derby and all the festivities of the weekend.

And then after 2.5 years, one vaccine and two boosters, we tangled with Covid. Thanks to science and vaccines, our cases were on the mild side but it did mean our big 2022 vacation, a land and cruise tour in Alaska was cancelled. We’ll reschedule for next year and I look forward to sharing that adventure with you. But with two weeks off at the beginning of August and negative tests, we scrambled to figure out a new plan for our vacation. After coming up with several options, we decided to spend a week in San Diego and then hop on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Ensenda out of the Port of San Pedro. It was not the vacation we planned, I’m not sure it was the one we needed either, but we had a good time, we took time away from work and real life and let ourselves be a bit spontaneous for a few days.

I think one of the many lessons learned over the past three years is to make the best of what you have, be flexible and be open to the planned and unplanned adventures that come your way.

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